Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Budget Saving Tips For Your Party Hostess

Bam's Cameron Club located at 9717 State Highway 13 is definitely the local bar to be at in the Marshfield area! They have a nice atmosphere, great food, amazing prices and fun, friendly, quick and entertaining bartenders. You will be sure to keep wanting to come back time and time again!

One way to reduce the potential for a mess to occur and to also enhance the likelihood that the mix ends up embodying the taste the way you wish it to would be to acquire a mixer with the right shape. Of course, there are scores of different shapes that a hand held drink mixer can come in. You just need to find the right one for your goals and your mixed drinks will reflect the great value they offer.

You also have the choice of outdoor eating, which is what we wanted. You get to sit at lovely outdoor tables with umbrellas for shade. There is gorgeous lush foliage all around and a nice wrought iron fence. So, despite the fact that this is in the middle of a shopping center you are on the outskirts of the shopping center and because of the beautiful plantings you don't even notice the stores or parking lot nearby. You feel completely private.

Keep your mind and hands busy. Many of us reach for food when we are bored or watching TV. If you take up a hobby which uses your hands, you'll be less likely to fill your hands with snacks.

The drink specials are yet another highlight to the overall experience. Beginning on Wednesday and lasting through Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, drink specials include .50 draft specials, .00 frozen drinks, and .00 mixed drinks. They are well-known for their vodka and tonics, along with their Cosmopolitans. Nothing beats a good bartender and tasty ice ball mold youtube. If you're into shots, there are .00 Fish shots - be sure to ask your bartender for more information on these tempting alcoholic delights!

Make no mistake, you will have many responsibilities in the coming months, but none of these will compare to the pressure of accomplishing this particular task, flawlessly and with class. There will be distractions from your mission; however, a good wingman lets nothing interfere with his duty. You were chosen because of a deep seeded loyalty accumulated over years of comradeship. Your charge is counting on you to cover his six, to keep him out of harm's way and most important, that everyone has a good time and a safe evening.

I say all this to invite you and your posse out to an upcoming event that my girls and I will be attending on Friday, January 21st from 8-10pm. Goodeats Charlotte is hosting a bartender class at Butter aptly named "The Art of Mixology". This is right up my alley, and I'm thinking yours too!

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